Your product isn’t yours: The Importance of Persona.

User Centered Design
  • Analysis: The designer defines the context of use in their product and specifies requirements to meet the desired goals.
  • Design: Proposing design solutions from the gained insights and specifications during the analysis phase. It can be a rough concept or a complete design, and it will be done in stages.
  • Evaluation: Gradually evaluate the product design from a rough concept design to a deliverable product.
  • Implementation: Transform a design into a deliverable product.


To understand more about the users, the developer needs something to summarize how they were, their needs, and what they’ve been craving. And that is called persona. Even though persona is sometimes described as an individual person or a character that has been personified, it is actually created from collected data from multiple targeted users. Thus, the persona can help the developer to understand the user’s needs and solve them through their product.

  1. Persona: This part defines who are the user. It includes their attitudes, motivations, pain points, and goals.
  2. Scenario: This part defines how the story of persona take place. It will describes how the persona would behave in a sequence of events.
  3. Goal: This part defines what the persona needs and how would the persona take action to fulfill their needs. So when the goal has been reached, the scenario is success,
  1. Know Your Users: The first phase of building a persona is collecting information about our users. This step aims to understand the user’s mindsets, motivations, and behavior. It can be done by doing survey, or in-depth interview.
  2. Identify the pattern: The next step is analyszing the finding from the previous step. This steps has to deliver a pattern of our user that will be soon summarized as a persona.
  3. Creating persona: This is the final step where a researcher has to assemble and prioritize the pattern to be built as a persona. This might sound easy, but it can be tricky since not all the patterns we find will be included in the persona. It’s best to avoid adding many personal details since it will make it less credible and harder to understand.



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