Software Architecture

  • There will < 10 admin only to use our working software.
  • This application only saves journal metadata, so we don’t need an extensive capacity database.
  • Every year the monitored journals are less than 100, so the load server won’t be that huge.
  • This software was build from a MVP that has been used for years, and there’s no massive changes to it.
  • Seven programmers ran this development in our team.
  • Familiarity. Familiarity is one of the main concerns when determining the working framework. The development phase in our project is pretty fast and neat. Learning a new framework will be exhausting and might hold up the development itself. We choose Django and PostgreSQL because all of us have done a project with those frameworks. And though not all of us familiar with react in the previous development, react learning material is everywhere on the internet!
  • Third-party app request from the client: Thankfully, our client doesn’t have any framework preferences, so we can determine the framework ourselves.
  • System Requirements. The system requirements of our software are flexible and do not forces us to use a specific framework.



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Fikri Adidharma

Fikri Adidharma

Penultimate CS Student @ University of Indonesia