Git Guide for Good

What can we do with Git?

  • Working Directory: The part where we code our project
  • Index/Stage: To commit our changes
  • HEAD: Refer to the last commit.


git init
git clone /path/to/repository

Add & Commit

git add <file-name>
git add .
git add .
git reset <file-name>
git rm <file-name>
git commit -m “Meaningful commit message”


git push origin <branch-name>
git remote add origin <server>


git checkout -b <branch-name>
git checkout <branch-name>
git branch -d <branch-name>
git branch

Update & Merge

git pull
git pull <remote> <branch>
git merge <branch>


git log

Stash & Revert

git stash
git revert HEAD




Penultimate CS Student @ University of Indonesia

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Fikri Adidharma

Fikri Adidharma

Penultimate CS Student @ University of Indonesia

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